Howz life? Such an irrelevant question at times…

Howz life? – One person asks, One person answers, the one who asked may not really understand the answer.

Howz life? Very common question when one greets a person. The funny thing is when someone answers it, do you really understand it? I am talking about when people meet after a long time or let’s just say are quite unaware as to what’s happening in other’s life on a daily basis.

If you asked me today – Hiee Rupa, Howz life?

And I answer – Super Awesome!

What did you take from it? What did you understand from my answer?

A person who is worried about money will think I am doing well monetarily…

A person worried about health will think I am shining in brightest of health…

A person trying to settle in with coaching business will think I have cracked the code to getting more coaching clients…

A person worried about marriage will think I am enjoying marital bliss…

A person who is juggling house and work may think I am acing it…

A person looking for domestic help may think I have got the ideal domestic help..

A person dying for a vacation may think I am coming from or going on a vacation.

Your interpretation of super awesome is going to be reflection of what super awesome at the moment means to you.

My super awesome actually means:

I have cleared my laundry backlog. I fold the clothes the day the clothes are dry

I am going for a walk regularly and I just discovered a podcast that makes my walk more interesting for me

I am putting in at least 4-5 hours of working hours in my business

I am cooking breakfast, lunch, dinner and have ordered in three times in the last whole month

I have managed to clear out clutter in my house

I have made peace that once my house help finishes dusting, I have to rearrange stuff that she moved around.

This is super awesome for me as I have been struggling with regularity in all these things in the last three months. If you are meeting me after ages and have no idea about what I am working on, you will end up assuming either with your interpretation of super awesome or what super awesome must have been for me when we last met!

Worth a thought eh???

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