Business Coaching Program: For the Entrepreneur in You

Entrepreneurs think and execute in multiple directions every day. Doing it all alone makes it overwhelming and results in slower decision making and postponing important actions. Eventually, you delay your business growth.

My 1:1 online business coaching helps you to create more of what you want in your business. Some things are obvious, like improving sales, attracting clients, expanding into a new line, developing effective leadership and better health. 

Navigate through various decisions - You don't have to do it alone! Click the pic to download a FREE E- Book to get rid off business overwhelm today!

Some things are less obvious, like finding contradicting mindsets which are not allowing progress, behaviors which are no longer serving your business purpose and certain illusions which slow down business growth.

As a certified coach, I offer a highly personalized approach tailored to each business owner to attain the business and personal growth they’re striving for.

I offer sessions, both in-person and on online via Skype or Zoom.

We will start with a DISCOVERY SESSION to clearly define your short and long-term goals and identify the core business growth obstacles. We will use these goals & obstacles as a foundation to create a clear strategy for attaining your important business objectives.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect:

  • Becoming crystal clear about your “ultimate business success” and the “perfect lifestyle” you’d like your business to provide
  • Converting your ultimate business success vision into smaller, manageable, doable tasks
  • Uncovering hidden challenges that may be sabotaging the growth of your business and keeping you working too many hours.
  • Increased overall productivity
  • Reduces wastage of three key resources – time, energy and money
  • Feeling good every single day even if there was nothing to do that day (Freelancers know what I am talking about!)
  • Keeping your motivation fired up each morning
  • Bouncing off ideas and evaluating each systematically
  • Prioritizing an actionable business plan
  • Finding the blind spots that you are unable to see currently

You leave every coaching session with a renewed clarity, courage and confidence to action your strategic business plan.

Free E-Book

Being a solopreneur can get overwhelming. You are pulled in multiple directions every single day and it can be stressful. Don't worry, I gift you 6 Effective & Practical Ways to REDUCE Business Overwhelm! You can conduct your business with clarity, courage and confidence.

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Book your no-cost discovery session and let's set the ball rolling. Have an open chat with your coach to see how business coaching can help you improve your business growth today.

Download this  FREE E-book to help you get rid off business overwhelm today!

Are you just getting started?

Explore our Business Basics Coaching Services

Our Business Basics Coaching services are the sweet spot between overwhelming DIY courses which are difficult to complete due to lack of accountability and hiring expensive professionals which is difficult when you are on a tight budget. In our Business Basics Coaching you learn specific skills that make it easy for you to start your own business with almost zero investment. You will learn and implement these skills in presence of a coach in an online format.

How is this different from other online or in person training courses?

  • This is a 1:1 format. This means you will get personal attention when you are learning these different skills. It is a safe space for you to ask any questions.
  • The coaching is scheduled as per your time convenience. You will not be bounded by a particular time. Training institutes have fixed timings and this limits flexibility of timing.
  • At times learning new skills in a group gets difficult as each person has a unique learning curve. In 1:1 format, your learning curve is respected.
  • DIY online courses lack accountability and solving your queries and doubts is via email. This makes it difficult to resolve your doubts in a timely manner and in some extreme cases you may never get a reply.
  • Most courses over complicate theoretical information and make it very overwhelming for a new business owner to start. Our courses are designed for you to get hands on training in different aspects and give you the confidence to start your business.

Who will benefit from the Business Basics Coaching services?

These services are for you if you answer yes to any of the following statements:

  • I wish to monetize my hobby or a skill I am really good at.
  • I want to start a business on the side without quitting my job at the moment.
  • I do not have adequate funds to hire professionals to start my business.
  • I am willing to learn new skills so that I can start my business today with almost zero investment.
  • I have a decent business but do not have adequate online presence.

Break your mindset barriers and enrich yourself to become a thriving independent business owner.

Learn Graphic Desiging for Business - Starter

Make Stunning Social Media Posts & Other Marketing Material

Attractive graphic designs are important to draw attention of the your potential customer towards your business and stand out in the crowd.  Apart from social media posts, graphic designing involves designing logo, flyers, posters, business cards, brochures, e-books, business cards, info graphics - the list is quite exhaustive

Sign up to create your own branded templates. Design professional graphics to start your business confidently!

Duration: 3 Hours [ 1 hour on Mon - Wed - Fri]

Price: INR 4500 | $ 75

Social Media with Strategy

Social Media Strategy - Create Impact from Day 1

Social media can get overwhelming when there is no proper social media strategy. With the insistence on visibility, one keeps posting without a strategy. The result is chaotic messaging and fewer leads. Do you want to generate leads or is your objective visibility? Your product needs the right platform and strategy.

Sign up today to create your social media accounts and formulate a social media strategy with a content calendar.

Duration: 3 hours [ One hour Mon - Wed- Fri]

Price: INR 7500| $125

Create your own Website services

Website Design - This is for your first blog or website.

Creating your own website requires one thing: Dedication to do so! Creating your own website can come across as a daunting process but it is simpler than you think. Your first website is a lot simpler than you think.

In 10 days you will be able to create a professional looking and SEO optimized website consisting of 7-8 pages.

You will be amazed at how easy your first website can be and the best part is you will be in total control.  No more excuses for delaying your business.

Sign up today!

Duration: 10 hours [1 hour for 2 weeks; Mon - Fri]

Price: INR 9000/ $150

Video Marketing - Animated & White board Videos

Animated videos are powerful tools for marketing your products and services. Animated videos engage your audience and deliver your core message within minutes. Explainer videos have shown to have better retention rate with an audience as compared to reading the same via text.

The fun thing is you are just as capable of creating professional animated videos. A bit of practice and hand holding can go a long way in making you a video marketing wiz of your business.

You can always hire help but it never hurts to know it yourself.

Duration: 3 hours [ One hour on Mon - Wed - Fri ]

Price: INR 4500 |$ 75