Nitya Nagraj
IT Consultant
Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
When I first reached out to Rupa, I wasn't sure what exactly a life coach does or how he/she helps. She is kind enough to give you a trial session to know and understand what this journey will entail and if you are sure you are comfortable with her. Needless to say, I felt comfortable from the very first session. Her method and technique of helping you navigate through your issues are very helpful and something I will remember and use all my life now. Her discipline to make sure she knows what you are going through before you get on a session, her diligence post sessions to relay your learning back to you for your reference are the tiny details that make it  feel like you are being heard and that you are in good hands . She is a great listener , friendly and yet a thorough professional. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs that guidance in life. I got what I was looking for and  I am so much more self aware than I was before I met with her.
Thankyou Rupa. Lots of love and luck to you 🙂

Working Professional 
Bangalore, India
It was a pleasure working with Rupa over a period of 3 months. She has great listening and uncovering skills due to which she can go to the root cause of the issue or the change we want to address and then she effectively works to help overcome the obstacles which come in the way in achieving this change. I greatly benefited by working with her for few of my objectives and I would highly recommend her for anyone who is looking for positive changes in their life or at the workplace.

Monica Evason
Freelancer Trainer & Coach
Big thank you for a great 4 sessions. Being a coach myself, it was hard to take the first step to deciding that I needed support to take me to the next level and I thank my lucky stars I fell upon you through the coach matching website!
I have a practical coaching style and have been resistant to developing the more spiritual, holistic style and you have helped me open my eyes to how the 2 styles can work side by side. I have great tools for my coaching tool box and developed some practical technical skills into the mix through your mentoring parts of my sessions.
Thank you so much for helping me believe in myself more and take me to the next level.

Candice Dampier
Digital Consultant
Rupa had a calming sense to her that helps you settle down and really hear / feel the things that are going on around you. Become conscious of the things that are hindering you. Helps install great strategies for confidence and worth. And then hold you accountable for the next steps to take you forward. I feel like a confident happier version of my old self thanks to her sessions.

Finance Professional
Saudi Arabia
Rupa helped me come a long way over a 3 month course. I felt like a different person after my coaching sessions and defiantly noticed the changes in myself that I was hoping for.

Suneeta Lawrence
Success and Career Coach
Rupa is a Coach par excellence. I worked with her for a period of 5 weeks and had a couple of helpful conversations before that. She helped me resolve an internal concern through the deep coaching style and it was extremely helpful for me to move forward. She is extremely diligent and consistent in the process before and after coaching, which helped me stay on track and accountable. I wish you the best in touching more lives and making an impact Rupa!

Sally Goncalves
Founder at
Rupa has a unique way of holding space for her clients. This space allows proper insight and questions to surface to help discover a new perspective on the situation. After working with Rupa I feel more confident and clear with my decisions moving forward.

Director Projects
I was amazed at Rupa's ability to go beyond my words into my thoughts and emotions and address issues that were gnawing away. There were days when I went into the session with a feeling of having achieved nothing and the prospect of the session being unproductive but ended up having such insightful discussions; energizing me and helping me come out charged for the week ahead!

Prache Khade
Celebrity Stylist
Mumbai, India
I have been working in a creative field since the past 7 years now. I had no background of business management and hence my thoughts would be all over the place, trying to do multiple things at one time. I was unable to prioritize different jobs. I had also reached a saturation point and was finding it difficult to reach out to newer people as a freelancer.Rupa helped me work though my struggles step by step. Quite frankly I wasn't sure if her services would really help. Most people feel, they know the basics of working and don't need any help since they have been doing it since a long time. But she helped me realize the smallest of steps taken every day help in the long run. As a creative person I was shy and had no confidence promoting myself, but she made me understand the importance of it and gave me the confidence to deal with it without feeling awkward. Her follows ups made sure I took necessary steps at the right times. If I was unable to complete the tasks she gave, alternative ways of working were immediately suggested.My sessions with her felt like brainstorming sessions to get better and made me feel at ease. She was extremely patient even when I had to reschedule at times.I would definitely recommend her services to everyone who is looking to get better than before. She helped me like a friend and I could trust her completely with all the minute details related to my work.Thank you Rupa, looking forward to maintaining this fruitful collaboration for a long time.

Jake Telman
Facebook Marketer | Lead Generator | Brand Builder Organic Consultant
Rupa is amazing! We recently had a call discussing my business and where I am looking to take it. She gave some really good advice that I can implement straight away, as well as some awesome productivity strategies. Highly recommend getting to know her.

Konrad Obidoski
Working Professional
Rupa from 1step2LEAP gives your this feeling of personal connection & being understood while being very professional in her approach. She has a step-by-step system that she tailors for your specific needs. She didn't hesitate one moment to help me even before I was a customer. She didn't sugarcoat but challenged assumptions I made. At the same time she answered all my questions and was very friendly.If you think about coaching I highly, HIGHLY recommend getting on her discovery call & going for it!

Ashish Acharya
Python Developer at World Bank
It was a pleasure to work with Rupa. I was having trouble with a lack of clarity. Speaking to her made me realize the concrete steps I can take to improve my life. After a bit of effort, I immediately saw positive changes in my health, financials, education, motivation, and energy. She has a clear and articulate way of delivering her deep insights that are clearly backed by a lot of study. Thanks Rupa!

Janice Quigg
Best-Selling Author, Lawyer, Speaker, Harvard Mediator, Coach
Rupa has a real passion for helping people and it shows in her coaching. She over-delivers and is such a pleasure to work with. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Rupa!

Alex Nørgaard Grut
Life Coach, 360 Coaching
I am the owner of a Coaching company based in Denmark and behind me I have multiple years of building businesses and other corporate adventures. I am professional and I am dedicated and I know what I want and how to go after it. When I started this business of Coaching and consulting and speaking I knew that I needed a coach to help me tear down the walls of fear and keep my focus. I had 3 different choices in relation to choose a coach and after a good and serious conversation with Rupa I chose her and have not looked back since then. She has been with me all the time supporting me, and helping me gather insights that are worth their weight in gold and held my focus when it has been pointing in the wrong direction. Rupa has an ability to keep holding on even when it is tough and she has definitely been the factor to beat my procrastination. Since I am a Coach myself I thought that working with Rupa would be unnecessary, but that was totally wrong. She has been a pleasure to work with and I will continue to work with her... I can recommend her and her services and in regards to Value or money I would say you get a good bargain - she is really good. Thank you Rupa - I am grateful as to where we have gone together so far....

Candice Persad
Working Professional
From my first conversation, Rupa made me realize my potentials, and made me think about what I wanted to do and achieve.In our weekly sessions, she helped me to focus on the things that really mattered to me and took steps together with me to help me achieve my goals. Her high positivity radiates through her voice in our conversations, and this in itself helped me a lot. She helped me get through my break up, getting back in shape and also helped me to keep and stay focused to get my life back on track, achieving my goals by taking it one step at a time. She really helped me reevaluate what was really important to me.Rupa has been able to transform my life and made such a positive impact on me and I am forever grateful.

Wenting Sun
Working Professional,
I think Rupa has a special gift for coaching. She has a very proactive attitude, positive energy, flexible and ask a lot of good questions ( at least let me to discover things which I didn’t learned about myself before). With her help in a very short span of time (one month), I have moved from a very low position in my life (feeling lost, a lot of questions unsolved, feeling down) to a position that I am comfortable with my own decisions going forward. I would highly recommend Rupa to anyone who is feeling lost in her/his life, and do not know the steps going forward. Believe me, I wish I would have her coach me earlier!

Arpita Dhar
Home maker & Part time lecturer
Shillong, India
Dear RupaLet me first thank you for believing in me when I was down and out. Thanks for trusting me when even I had my own doubts. Thanks for pushing me to emerge as what I am today. You made me stronger with each passing day.You made me better in just about every way!Thank you once again Love and hugs to you. Arpita

Joachim Webers
Working Professional
It has been a journey with ups and downs. Rupa has been there for me in both cases. She has encouraged me to go for my important goals, even when my courage was lost and I did not see it happen. She was there and somehow this gave me strength to at least try, which is a big deal for me. In the past I followed my fears instead of my dreams. The coaching is for me a real CHANGING point. It is hard work and have to be constantly vigilant to not fall back in my 'bad habits'. With the help of my coach, I got through the hard times. The times were I started doing my bad habits again and could not or would not see the problem myself; she was there to say what must be said. When I made mistakes were I was ashamed of she was there to listen to me. When I talk all over the place (which happens almost all the time), she is there noting things, giving me structure and pointing me in the right direction. Maybe most important (for me) during all these sessions is that she managed to give me total FREEDOM of the coaching process, which I appreciate a lot. She is open for new ideas, gives me new ideas and for trying new things. I thought I knew myself after 24 years of life experience; still I am learning a lot more about my qualities and where I need to work more. Just having someone to talk with about my dreams in a non-judging, with a 'what can we do now' attitude is something I really need. In my personal experience people are fast to criticize, even when they want to help. I felt like that was putting me down.I needed a safe place to nourish my dreams and found that place with my coach, Rupa!

Rohit Kadam
Sell Side Analyst Credit Suisse
The time management program helped me initiate a conversation with myself to sit back and take stock of what things were taking up more time and how I could better manage, schedule and prioritize tasks to accomplish more. A coach should be friendly and willing to hear you out completely rather than just giving you standard band- aid solutions. Rupa has these qualities and she knows when to offer advice and when guide/ nudge the other person to find improvements by himself/ herself. I came out of the program more confident about my time management skills and learnt to discard some of my old reservations about not having enough time to do what I liked the most. I would like to wish Rupa good luck and I am sure she will help many more like me master and hone their time management skills.

Nethra Somashekar
Bangalore, India
Rupa is an exemplary example of a professional being committed to a client.
She listens, really listens to the words, head & the heart. Words unspoken makes sense to her. When this happens it just liberates a client from the fear of the mask that one is behind.
Wishing you the very best Rupa. I’m sure you ll be a light to many people fighting with struggles in darkness of life

Dr Seema Gupta
Over 6 sessions with Rupa, I realized the importance of small everyday choices that I can make towards fulfilling my long term goals. Working with her has helped me discover a new Vision and an action plan to achieve the desired goals.

Amrita Gangatirkar
Faculty, Symbiosis Institute of Design
With Rupa's help I realized that I needed to shift focus in life. I learned to prioritize personal and professional goals. I have a tendency to procrastinate but under Rupa's guidance I found interesting ways to overcome that. I now focus more on time management and consciously choose healthy living. I started communicating better. Opening up to Rupa and talking about the little, nagging things helped me realize how trivial and easy to solve some issues were!

Tanvi Garg
Economist, HDFC Bank
"My main focus before I started my sessions with Rupa was to bring in positive outlook in my life and I am really glad I was successful to accomplish my goal. I worked with Rupa for six sessions, which normally is a short span of time however even during these 6 weeks; I could see and feel some very tangible changes in my life both personally and professionally. The best thing which happened to me was that I could introspect about my own life, develop a solution oriented approach by thinking positive about situations rather than worrying about them and become much more patient. Working with her, I could develop new and customized ways and tools to accomplish my goals. I would highly recommend her".