Is Online Coaching As Effective As In-Person Coaching?

Yes, online coaching gets you the desired results!

The benefits of online coaching are multiple: – You can be at a location where you feel comfortable and have privacy. It creates a layer of safety. This allows you to be open and more free flowing with thoughts. You need not worry about travel time, traffic etc. The geographic location of the coach does not matter as long as the chemistry is right. (You can utilize the time difference to your advantage – if you are a night owl – you can hire a coach somewhere where it’s morning and the coach is at his/her peak! – worth a thought!)

Here’s a look at my client geography to give you confidence that online coaching is effective indeed!

Global clients of 1step2leap

How long does one need to be coached to get results?

The length of the coaching largely depends on the type of goal. For certain goals, 3 months of coaching may work while for certain other goals, people may find it beneficial to work with a coach for a longer period. Many individuals consider having a coach an essential part of their strategic success and personal enhancement and sign up for a long-term commitment.

At 1Step2Leap, coaching is a journey of positive transformation over a period of time measured by your experience of clarity, courage, and confidence
CLARITY – Increased Awareness about your actions, behavior, choices and obstacles that are keeping you from your goals.
COURAGE – Increased Motivation to action and complete your goal plans as you start seeing positive results. You step out of your comfort zone to achieve your action items.
CONFIDENCE – Ready to challenge yourself to newer goals as you now connect with your inner strength. You feel in control and know that you can achieve any goals of yours.

Typically what sort of results can I expect from your online life coaching services?

The results my clients have achieved through coaching include:

  • Getting organized in thoughts and actions
  • Taking concrete actions towards their business goals
  • Saying Goodbye to procrastination
  • Greater clarity of goals
  • A clear action plan on how to convert business goals to reality
  • Improvement in daily productivity  by sharpening focus and reducing distractions
  • Balancing out actions required to fulfil short term and long term visions
  • Making better choices to improve physical and mental health
  • Resolving nagging issues that were stopping progress
  • A greater sense of peace, happiness, and fulfilment
  • Increased belief in themselves and their ability to achieve whatever it is that they put their mind to

I am curious to know if a person younger than me can coach me?

The term “life-coach” often leaves one with the feeling that a life coach should be someone with a lot of life experience. It’s because this term has the word “life” which gets typically associated with “length” versus “art” of life.

A life coach should be a good coach – age no bar! Coaches don’t advise you out of their life experiences. Coaching is about empowering you to get organized and look at what resources you have available that can help you find the answer to that aspect of life you want to change.

Most coaches offer no cost discovery sessions – this is to know if both coach and client are a good fit for a coaching relationship. Sign up for discovery sessions and ask yourself one question post the session – Will I get positive results working with this coach? – If it’s a yes sign up – if it’s a no keep looking!

The current age split up of my clients is as follows –

1step2leap Client Age Split

How much does it cost?

The investment will depend on the type of goal and the time frame you are interested in.


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