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Life Coaching

Life coaching can help you achieve your personal goals with greater clarity, courage and confidence. Convert all that you know into practice with mind tools, techniques and accountability.

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Corporate Coaching

Executive coaching can help you convert surviving a job to having a thriving career. If you are feeling stuck in your job, it's time to engage in executive coaching. Make the most of your career today...

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Deep Coaching

Deep Coaching is largely exploratory in nature. It's about going inside to study as an outsider and then embracing the authentic self and functioning from what some call the spirit or soul.

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How about a Sample Session?

The best way to experience coaching - Experience it!

Coaching involves investing time, energy and money

How about a sample session to begin with?

In this sample session we will address the challenge you are currently and discover the first step towards addressing the same

Together we will
  1. Get clear on what the challenge really is - CLARITY
  2. Identify the key hurdle and how to overcome it - COURAGE
  3. Outline an action plan for you so that you move forward with CONFIDENCE

All this for a Minimal Cost  – INR 350/- for within India and US $12 for outside India


A bit about your Life Coach & Life Coaching

A note from your Life coach:

Online Life Coach Rupa

I am Rupa - the founder and principal Life Coach at 1step2LEAP. My online life coaching services help you get unstuck and move forward in your personal and professional life.

I dedicate my life coaching skills in supporting you to become the person you most want to be.

I believe that consistency and simplicity create magic!

Why work with me?

I offer a customized step by step approach for solving problems, creating change and finding a sense of purpose and meaning in your entrepreneurial and personal life. The end result is pure joy!

My gift is the ability to break down big complex goals into smaller, manageable, doable activities and then supporting you to follow through with an action plan.

I’m interested in partnering with you to find effective solutions to help you create the environment of happiness and manufacture success on your own terms. Always remember stepping out of comfort zone at the core implies that you will be uncomfortable. Coaching does not make things easy but develops a perspective that allows you to accept the uneasy situation with ease!

Every leap begins with a small step and all you have to do is take that first step!

Transformation can be painful if not done in the right spirit. In my online coaching, my objective is to create a spacious environment which aids your transformation and enables you to have an honest conversation with your self. This results in clarity, courage and confidence.

Is Life Coaching for you?

  • Do you want to have greater greater clarity of Goals?
  • Do you wish to Equip yourself with mental tools to succeed in the competitive world?
  • Do you want to be action oriented &  Take concrete actions towards your personal & professional goals?
  • Do you want to Get rid of procrastination?
  • Do you want to Become better at decision making?
  • Do you want to Resolve nagging issues that are stopping progress?
  • Are you looking for a greater sense of peace, happiness, and fulfillment?
  • Do you wish to Be more confident and be the person you once were?
  • Are you looking for motivation, accountability, strategy & support to achieve your goals?
  • Did you answer a YES to any of the questions above? If YES, you can sign up for a free chat to find out more about how coaching can benefit you.

What does a Life Coach do?

Are you thinking that a Life Coach is a therapist or a shrink? Well, a life coach is not a mental health professional. Want to know more about what a life coach does?

Benefits of Life Coaching

Coaching helps you in bringing about changes in your skill levels, behaviour and at a being level. It keeps you accountable. Want to know what are the benefits of coaching?

What happens in a Life Coaching session?

A coaching session is a safe space for the clients to explore their true potential. It does not involve a coach lecturing the client. Want to know more about what happens in a coaching session?

“You’re always one decision away from a totally different life.” Anonymous

Client Testimonials Across the Globe

Read all client success stories by clicking here.

Monica Evason, Spain

Big thank you for a great 4 sessions. Being a coach myself, it was hard to take the first step to deciding that I needed support to take me to the next level and I thank my lucky stars I fell upon you through the coach matching website!
I have a practical coaching style and have been resistant to developing the more spiritual, holistic style and you have helped me open my eyes to how the 2 styles can work side by side. I have great tools for my coaching tool box and developed some practical technical skills into the mix through your mentoring parts of my sessions.
Thank you so much for helping me believe in myself more and take me to the next level.

Candice Dampier, UK

Rupa had a calming sense to her that helps you settle down and really hear / feel the things that are going on around you. Become conscious of the things that are hindering you. Helps install great strategies for confidence and worth. And then hold you accountable for the next steps to take you forward. I feel like a confident happier version of my old self thanks to her sessions.

Sally Goncalves, Canada

Rupa has a unique way of holding space for her clients. This space allows proper insight and questions to surface to help discover a new perspective on the situation. After working with Rupa I feel more confident and clear with my decisions moving forward.

Wenting Sun, Netherlands

I think Rupa has a special gift for coaching. She has a very proactive attitude, positive energy, flexible and ask a lot of good questions ( at least let me to discover things which I didn’t learned about myself before). With her help in a very short span of time (one month), I have moved from a very low position in my life (feeling lost, a lot of questions unsolved, feeling down) to a position that I am comfortable with my own decisions going forward. I would highly recommend Rupa to anyone who is feeling lost in her/his life, and do not know the steps going forward. Believe me, I wish I would have her coach me earlier!

Prache Khade, India

I have been working in a creative field since the past 7 years now. I had no background of business management and hence my thoughts would be all over the place, trying to do multiple things at one time. I was unable to prioritize different jobs. I had also reached a saturation point and was finding it difficult to reach out to newer people as a freelancer.

Rupa helped me work though my struggles step by step. Quite frankly I wasn't sure if her services would really help. Most people feel, they know the basics of working and don't need any help since they have been doing it since a long time. But she helped me realize the smallest of steps taken every day help in the long run. As a creative person I was shy and had no confidence promoting myself, but she made me understand the importance of it and gave me the confidence to deal with it without feeling awkward. Her follows ups made sure I took necessary steps at the right times. If I was unable to complete the tasks she gave, alternative ways of working were immediately suggested.

My sessions with her felt like brainstorming sessions to get better and made me feel at ease. She was extremely patient even when I had to reschedule at times.

I would definitely recommend her services to everyone who is looking to get better than before. She helped me like a friend and I could trust her completely with all the minute details related to my work.

Thank you Rupa, looking forward to maintaining this fruitful collaboration for a long time.