1:1 Executive Coaching

The focus is to identify  individual growth areas, prioritize goals and come up with a strategic action plan. With accountability and support, the individual is able to deliver and make the goals a practical reality.

Interactive Workshop

Interactive Workshops are experiential in nature. Each participant is able to achieve an experience of the subject matter. The results are long lasting as the aim is to create an inside-out impact.

Online Executive Coaching

Maximize - 1:1 Online Executive Coaching Program

MAXIMIZE is a special executive coaching program for New & Mid- level Managers that helps managers understand and embrace their role as integrator in the organization and accelerate the rate at which they are getting results. Program participants learn how to proactively work across the company to identify and solve problems that get in the way of doing business effectively.

They gain the knowledge, practice, and mentoring they need to become effective leaders in their roles, manage and develop people so that they can bridge strategy and execution. They can keep everyone focused on the right things to successfully deliver to customers.

Manage RELATIONS at Workplace

The key challenge for a New Manager is to manage own performance along with team performance and managing people. Managers have to handle their team members as well as handle their boss. They have to deal with multiple stakeholders. It’s only natural for a New Manager to feel overwhelmed. There are many skills to develop but from where to start?

At 1step2LEAP we believe that the first step towards people management begins with managing RELATIONS.
Manage RELATIONS at Workplace is an interactive workshop that has proven to help new managers manager people better and bring in the balance of performance and people management.

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