How to stop getting in your OWN way?

Are you getting in your own way?

It seems absurd right. Why would we get into our own way of getting what we want? Rest assured it happens and it happens to all of us.

Here are some signs that should tell you that you are getting in your own way of getting what you want:

  • You are not able to live comfortably in the present moment
  • You are thinking more about what happens if you don’t get what you want
  • You want to wake up to a new reality overnight aka you don’t wish to give it time
  • You are jealous of people who have what you want and are waiting to have
  • You think others have got it easy and that it’s a big plot for you to not have what you want
  • You are so hung up on what you want that you are unable to value what you have
  • Life is feeling frustrating, unfair and like a fight

All of us have been in this situation and the funny thing is all of us keep getting into this situation. Such is the nature of desire, if not handled currently, it can burn you. So does this mean you stop wanting things and stop being an active participant in a thing we call life? The answer is a big NO. Be an active participant but not a needy and whiny participant.

How does one go about not getting in one's OWN way? Here are a few tips that can help:

  • Once you have decided what you want, engage in a process to achieve it and be honest to that process. Have fun with the process. The trouble begins when you don’t want to engage in the process to get what you want and yet you know that without the process you will not get it!
  • If you feel that a certain process is not working for you, ask people who already have what you want and try adapting their process with your modifications.
  • Take it slow. Haste makes waste. When you take things slow, you can observe things which can easily slip if you are in a rush. Listen to meditative music. Try colouring within lines. Plant a seed and watch it grow. Take some nice full breaths. To go fast, first slow down.
  • Engage in the present moment and avoid worrying about what has not yet happened.
  • Feel the joy of indulging a hobby. A joyful mind works better than a frustrated one.
  • Exercise! The release of endorphins in your body and washing out of toxins helps you rejuvenate and relax. A relaxed state of mind will help you identify solutions far better than an agitated state of mind.
  • Have Faith: Most of the problems happen when one lacks faith in the divine system. Know that what’s meant for you will come to you no matter what and what does not come to you was never meant for you. To strengthen faith, look back and see how things worked well when you had faith and were doing things simply to experience the joy of doing it

The secret of manifesting what you want is in letting go of the result and enjoying what you have right now.

Are you still feeling a bit unsure as to how to proceed further? It’s OK to reach out and have some hand holding. Feel free to sign up for a free life coaching session where we  actively empower you to step out of your own way.

How to stop getting in your own way?
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How to stop getting in your own way?
We often tend to get in our own way. Recognize the signs that you are getting in your own way and follow the tips to stop getting in your own way of success.
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