Mission Mangal: Not a Movie Review

IMO, just like no two people read the same book, no two people watch the same movie. I am not a movie buff. I watch movies once in a while. This allows me to experience big screen viewing with a novelty factor. I tend to enjoy most movies I watch on big screen and Mission Mangal stands out.

With newspapers these days being crowded with scams and violence, one wonders if there is anything right happening in the country. Mission Mangal brings a much required breath of fresh air. It’s a reminder of what hard work and team work can achieve.

It is a quintessential story of underdog coming through and overcoming all problems to taste victory. These stories inspire and make a place in your heart. A clean movie with good humour and easy dialogues. It’s a feel good movie. Mission Mangal is a must watch for all those feeling burdened and stagnated with responsibilities of daily life.

You can perhaps draw a parallel to your workplace too. Everyone’s MARS is different.

Dialogues are subtle with great timing. Many struck a chord with my heart. I share a few of those: (Pardon me, if they are not verbatim)

Where is it written that a laddoo is to be eaten only on experiencing success? –We often deprive ourselves of the good things because we have failed at something. Life is an experience beyond the concept of success and failure.

Dreams are not something you watch when you sleep, dreams are something that don’t allow you to sleepPeople who truly own a dream or a vision, rarely sit quietly. They are into it day in and day out. It’s not the possibility of a dream coming true that makes them live, they genuinely live to turn their dream into a reality.

The project can succeed only when it becomes a passion of every memberYou can’t chase someone else’s dream. You will end up working on something with passion when it comes from your heart. When the ownership of the project comes from within, it goes beyond the boundaries of a 9-5 job. This is a reminder to thousands of employees who lack job satisfaction. The lack of job satisfaction is not because of the job, IMO, it’s because of the lack of connect with the larger goal. If you are connected with the larger goal, you will play your role (however small or big) with all your heart, and therein lies the secret of job satisfaction. You give your best, in giving your best, is the joy of life.

Don’t pray to the picture, pray to the power Without getting into a big religious debate, this dialogue just celebrates the power which is ever present. Humans cannot live without labels and hence different religions labelled the same power with different names.Surrendering to this higher source of power makes life easy.

Don’t make me feel guilty about my job instead store your daughter’s friends numbers in your phone – This dialogue is contextual. Despite the several attempts made by her husband to make her feel guilty for following her career passionately, I love how Tara Shinde does not feel bogged down. Tara is a solution seeker and perhaps that’s what all of us need to be. Be solution seekers instead of complaint makers.

When a system hangs, switch off and switch on This is a simple dialogue and deep. It made me realize how the mind too needs to switch off, relax so that it can function properly. An over worked mind will run in loops, in other words it will just “hang”. Switch off. Breathe. Do something fun. Reboot to start working afresh.

Madam, now can I have a full cup of tea? – only a tea lover will get this!

The honest effort of 17,000 brilliant scientists and engineers of ISRO taught us that if you truly want something and work on it, you can achieve it.

A first time director made this story come alive. Cinematic liberties are allowed and they have been used wisely.

Mission Mangal has a humbling effect…

Mission Mangal has an inspiring effect…

Mission Mangal has a human effect….

Mission Mangal: A must watch movie to celebrate the dedicated team at ISRO

This was not a movie review but my experience with it…

Do share your experience.

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