Law of Attraction & Core Beliefs – The Link between the Two!

If you are a passionate about self-development and often find yourself in the Self- help book section of a book store, then, the law of attraction is not unknown to you. What perhaps could be unknown is how to use the law of attraction or how to apply the law of attraction.

I know the authors of these books make it sound very easy. Desire – Place the order with the universe – Manifest/Attract your desire.

So what goes wrong? Why is that some manifest their dreams and some don’t? Why is that some people start with a bang and then see the manifestation fizz fizzle out.

My memory of the concept of law of attraction can be traced back to the book – The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. It made me think and observe about what’s happening inside me. It made me analyse my own success and failure in a different light.

Understanding frequency or the vibration of inner you:

The general concept is you manifest or attract the frequency at which your soul is vibrating. While it sounds simple, the truth is understanding your frequency is not that easy. Aligning this frequency with what you desire is more difficult than it sounds.

This frequency is continuously impacted by the environment around you and experiences you have. When you have a negative experience, it is natural to vibrate in that frequency and then guess what? You manifest what you don’t want. You feel disappointed and before you know it, it’s a loop and you are trapped. Mind you – this is a proof that law of attraction works. The problem is we are attracting what we don’t want by vibrating at the frequency of what we don’t want.

Positive thoughts and affirmations are a starting point to break this loop and enter the virtuous circle of positivity.

PAUSE – What did you just think? When you read the above statement what did you honestly feel? Did you feel – Yes I can do this or did you feel the author is a crazy person who does not know how difficult my situation is? – That very feeling is your frequency. That is your vibration. That is what you will manifest.

I know I know, some of you are saying – I do positive thinking and affirmations and still the law of attraction does not work every time. I know it works but somehow it does not work every time. I hear you and let me offer an explanation for what is happening inside.

Why does one not manifest desires despite having positive thoughts?

Let’s do this with an example.

Say the following affirmation: I am successful and I attract success.

Now take a look inside:  How did you truly feel inside?

Did you feel “yes, success will come to me – and I am ready to do whatever it takes” or did you feel “I hope I don’t fail” “Feels difficult, I am sooooo unsuccessful right now” “I am so tired of trying to succeed”

If you felt the latter, then despite having positive thoughts and saying affirmations, you are vibrating with fear (negative frequency) and so you end up manifesting what you feared, aka failure.

How do we change our frequency to manifest what we want? How do we change our frequency to manifest what we want?

Our core belief system is responsible for our frequency.

In the above example when you felt “ I hope I don’t fail”, try to understand what makes you believe that there are possibilities of failure and that these possibilities override the possibilities of success.

Maybe it’s the pain of past failures you do not wish to re-experience, maybe you are fearing rejection that could come with failure, maybe you are fearing waste of time & resources if you fail at something. To each his own. Your core belief system has been conditioned by your circumstances and your way of living.

Being positive from within is not as easy as it sounds as we have relied on survival instinct. It means we have hardly vibrated at the frequency of “ I will be all right”. We have been vibrating on the frequency of “ I hope I manage to survive, I hope nothing goes wrong”. This survival instinct has inherently a negative undertone and is a big part of our core belief system.

You will manifest your desires as long as your core belief system supports it. Your core belief system will help you vibrate in the correct frequency to attract what you want. In other words, you manifest what you truly believe in (without an iota of doubt)!

Law of Attraction explained with a short story

How to create a shift in the core belief system?

When your belief system is serving you, life is good. When you are not feeling so good (and I mean from within for a prolonged period of time); you are operating with a belief system that is not serving you. If you are not feeling at peace with yourself, not getting what you want, it is time to take a hard look at the core belief system.

When there is a shift in this belief system, you open yourself to a new way of being.

Past experiences  that have clogged the belief system need to be flushed out. Wounds need to be healed.   

Transforming a Core Belief starts with micro steps:

  1. Acknowledge: It begins with acknowledging that there is a belief system that exists in you that is no longer serving the purpose it once did. Today the existing belief system is hampering your progress.
  2. Identify: Next, identify the result you want in your life and the associated belief system.
  3. Small steps & Habits: To make this new belief system a part of your core, start taking actions that go with the new belief system. Taking actions towards new belief is the new habit you are forming. Habits will in turn strengthen the core belief.

It’s bit of hand in glove! Rest assured, you can do this! I (Life & Deep Transformational Coach Rupa Shende) engaged in a deep conversation with Holistic counselor Janat from Oman on this very topic of Habits and Core Beliefs.

Habits can help change core beliefs – Deep Talks by Janat Bva and Rupa Shende

Changing belief system takes time. It’s an inner transformation process. The journey of transformation comes with its own challenges but is highly rewarding. I am here to tell you that the process is possible and there are ways to make it easy too. If you are ready to create a shift in your inner being, you may consider signing up for a  deep coaching session today.  (Click here to know more about deep coaching)