Not a Book Review: Do it today by Darius Foroux

Once in a while you come across a book that exactly expresses your views. For a non -writer like me who has trouble putting thoughts clearly, it’s a genuine delight.

I am pleased to share my reflections on my latest read:

Do It Today: Overcome Procrastination, Improve Productivity, and Achieve More Meaningful Things by Darius Foroux

He has taken up the three major challenges that practically all of us experience these days:

  1. Procrastination
  2. Productivity
  3. Doing more meaningful things

Is there brand new, never ever heard of material–No. Yet he makes an impact. It drives you to focus and get tasks finished. Stands true to it’s name easily. The work motivates you to set aside some time and figure out what is that you honestly wish and what are you doing to get there. It inspires you to be physically and mentally fit.

The book generates an impact because it expresses from the heart. It delivers from his experience. It simply connects.

The shared ground:

One of the things which I practice, encourage my clients to practice and upheld by this book too, is to review your day and plan the day ahead.

When I studied the 30 mins Evening ritual in this book, I was truly happy. It’s not just me, others have discovered this ritual as useful too.

Most spend time in creating a to-do lists. That will get you only so far. Successful people devote time in reviewing their actions and designing a meaningful day ahead. You need to recognize how you really spent your day. Winding down after a day’s work is an excellent way to close today and become ready for tomorrow.

A sportsman plays back tapes of his performance to understand what he did right, where he can progress and what needs to be knocked out. He does this every single day, not just before a big event (year end review).

To improve consistently, one needs to review consistently.

Key take aways for me:

  1. Don’t rely on willpower and set up a process to get things done. Be patient with the process.
  2. Choose to be physically and mentally fit.
  3. Be comfortable with who you are
  4. Routines reduce decisions
  5. Till you figure out what you want, build universal skills
  6. Believe in what you want, even if others don’t see it, what counts is if you can see it.
  7. Have your own mantra.

Sentences that made way into my notebook from the book: For my complete notebook, click here.

  • Building a business or career is hard. It requires you to do difficult, tedious, and unsatisfying tasks. If you want more clients or work, no one is going to hand it to you. You have to hustle. Do content marketing, one-on-one sales, network, or whatever method you use to grow your business.
  • It’s about developing a sustainable system to build your life, career, and business on. What’s your system for living a productive life? Whatever it is: Work on it today. Not tomorrow.
  • No, it’s not normal to check your phone every 2 minutes. No, it’s not normal to gossip all the time. No, it’s not normal to be bored
  • Procrastination is not innocent behavior. It’s a sign of poor self- regulation.
  •  Tools, apps, or hacks, don’t work if you lack the right mindset because productivity is a way of living.
  • If you take the long road, achieve one goal after the other, and build up your wealth step by step, you are more likely to live a good life. It’s simple. And it always works. People who say it doesn’t just haven’t had the patience to apply it to their own life.

What did not connect:

There is a chapter on how to live as if you are an immortal. I found it a bit difficult connecting to the thought process given there. It’s perhaps because I believe in form of energy and from an energy point of view, we are immortal. To expand this to humans being immortal is challenging for me. There are overall many helpful parts in the book and so this one part does not color my review negatively.

Overall Impression:

It’s that book which drives you to think hard about what are you genuinely doing about accomplishing your ambition. You can plan all that you want but unless you do it, you are not going to achieve it.

It’s a wonderful book to encourage you to get into action and develop your work process. You will undoubtedly think twice before procrastinating and will find yourself with an attitude of “Do it today!”

Don’t miss out on the kick-ass 30 minute routine that has been offered in the book.

I have made plenty of actionable items from the book and I wish you find yours too.

Here is the link to the book from Amazon. Amazon Prime members can access it for free. Do give it a read and share your views too.