You may eat clean and yet be consuming toxins…

Everybody at some point has done a detox diet (aka a diet to clear the bloodstream of toxins). Most people these days are highly conscious of what they eat and what enters their bloodstream. Say adieu to the good old sabji wallah and enter Organic Farmer produce. The clean beauty movement—sulphate free, paraben-free, chemical-free, etc. has never been this prevalent before. Household cleaning products are becoming increasingly natural and going away from hardcore chemical formations. There seems to be a serious standard of screening for toxins.

Toxins are harmful substances resulting in a negative impact to your body.

Ever wondered why, despite being clean in all aspects, the feeling of light & fresh still eludes most? Perhaps the consumption of toxins is happening via a distinct medium and is upsetting our mind and soul. Let us explore…

Is your environment feeding you toxins via other senses?

A toxic environment is a place where toxins are on a repeat cycle. There is continuous unrest, cut-throat competition, poor morale, chronic stressors, negativity, ailments, and even bullying. This results in excessive levels of stress and release of cortisol–the stress hormone.

Release of cortisol will nullify all the benefits of clean eating, clean cleaning and clean beauty. If the survival response system is constantly on high alert, it will culminate in a system crash. We can see everywhere the psychological and physiological effects of stress. There is a deeper reason for an accelerating number of people suffering from anxiety, diabetes, PCOS, PCOD, etc.

It’s evident that toxins don’t just enter the bloodstream via consumption of harmful substances but likewise make an indirect way by disturbing the mind and soul.

For long now we have taken good care of what enters our body via our mouth and skin, it’s time we take a hard look at what’s entering via our eyes & ears.

It’s time we look at what we are seeing and listening–that’s how the toxins affecting mind and soul penetrate our overall wellbeing.

Say no to toxins entering your mind via news:

It’s useful to recognize the evils of the society, but can you imagine the stress levels when you feel that the entire society is evil and that there is just no good existing? Will this not stress you out?

Imagine being ambushed in a world full of chaos, no law & order, rampant bullying and name-calling – Will it not trigger anxiety and stress?

So what’s the way out? Well, we can’t control what other’s voice but we can choose what we see, listen and talk. Make a choice and switch out of the toxic news.

Focus on the positive that’s happening. Read features that inspire you and give you the warmth that the world has good too. Study the heart-rendering work some are carrying in these desperate economic times.

Stop the scrolling and get into action. Invest your time in doing the good which you can see is lacking, others will join you. Sign up for a cause.

It’s okay to change the world one life at a time.

Say no to toxins affecting your mind via social media:

The Social Dilemma is an eye-opener to the naïve audience who does not understand how the algorithms of social media are impacting your life choices and decisions. Honestly, for many of us, social media has done wonders for our business, getting in touch with friends, in associating with the right people and resources, and it’s a prudent choice we employ time on these platforms. On the flip side–it can lead to toxic consequences of unrealistic comparisons, jealousy, envy, worry, a feeling of emptiness, misery to list a few.

One approach to check how social media affects you is to have a log for about 21-30 days. Just note how you felt after you scrolled through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. If you went through the above mentioned harmful emotions, social media is doing you more wrong than good. It does not mean you have to abandon the platform but is a signal that you need to use the platform differently.

You can set aside dedicated time for these apps and not see them through the day. You can unfollow, block people and hashtags that make you think less good about yourself (at least for now!) You could follow people and hashtags that make you feel good, inspired and help you take action towards your ambitions.

Say no to toxins entering via binge-watching:

We have stopped binging on chips, burgers and cookies and are binging on series. Here is the truth, everything around you influences you. One may think what’s the harm in just viewing a series but in the long run, it results in weakening creative thinking.

You set yourself up for dopamine crash every time a series gets over. The sense of reduced motivation to do work and lesser excitement for hobbies which once excited you-It’s the dopamine crash talking. Instead of letting the dopamine come via healthier processes of exercise, sleep, wonderful music, meditation and inspired work, you are quick to decide the next series to binge.

In the long term, series binging leads to a damaged nervous system.

Television is for entertainment and not for addiction. Watch that episode once a week!

 Say no to toxins entering via words:

You may say that nothing around you affects you and you could be right. For some, the news, series, social media posts develop into part of debates and tedious conversations. The concept of healthy debate and the existence of multiple viewpoints has become lost on many. It’s more of one-way insistence and matter of tolerance within seconds of conversation.

It’s only natural to talk about what you see & hear. If you can be mindful about what you see & hear, what you talk about will change too. Every word you speak impacts the energy you carry within. Think about why certain names trigger stress and certain chants create calm. Choose your words wisely, for your sake!

Our mind and soul are consuming toxins through our non-mindful behavior. We have modified diets and food consumption. Let’s make it our responsibility to revise what we feed our mind and soul.