What happens in a Life Coaching Session? Place – Time – Process

“What happens in a Life Coaching Session?” Each Life Coach has a different process and methodology. I choose to describe a normal online life coaching session by answering the following three questions

Where is a life coaching session conducted?

Personal Life Coaching sessions are generally conducted over the phone or via Skype. Online life coaching has multiple benefits: – 

  • You can be at a location where you feel comfortable and have privacy.
  • This allows you to be open and more free-flowing with your thoughts.
  • You need not worry about travel time, traffic etc. 

The geographic location of the coach does not matter as long as the chemistry is right. (You can utilize the time difference to your advantage – if you are a night owl – you can hire a coach somewhere where it’s morning and the coach is at his/her peak! – worth a thought!)

How long will a life coaching session be? and How Often?

The session will be anywhere between 45-60 mins. The frequency is generally once in two weeks. The frequency largely depends on the type of goal you set for yourself. When accountability of habit is key, coaching can happen for 30 minutes every week too. The frequency can be once a fortnight or once every 10 days as well. This will be mutually agreed upon by you and your coach.

Process – What happens in a life coaching session?

During a coaching session you and your coach will:

  • Review the progress of previous session’s action plan and homework – you will discuss the triumphs, the challenges, what you enjoyed, what you hated – The review will set up the next action plan so it is very important for you to express honestly and fearlessly.
  • Identify what is it that you want to be coached on.
  • Assess where you are and where you want to be. The starting point is your current reality. 
  • Explore options to bridge the gap between where you are & where you want to be.
  • Reflect on various option taking into account your strengths and comfort zone.
  • Discuss the obstacles that are stopping you or could potentially stop you from progressing towards your goal.
  • Outline strategies and gain a fresh perspective on tackling the obstacles
  • Draw an action plan on what needs to be done before the next coaching session – This plan keeps you on track and motivated working towards your goals.
  • Most coaches give some kind of homework that will help you achieve your goals faster.

A good coaching session will leave you with a well-defined plan to action and definite intention to action the plan!

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