Who Benefits from Life Coaching?

Who benefits from life coaching?

A very generic answer is :

Life Coaching benefits all those who see a gap between where they are and where they want to be and more importantly want to bridge that gap! 

If you are satisfied with where you are and wish to remain where you are – Life Coaching could seem a bit boring for you.

What are the benefits of Life coaching?

To explain the benefits of coaching, I will address three typical questions that I get:

“I am happy, how will coaching benefit me?”

Coaching works when you wish to achieve something and want to move away from the status quo in the direction of your choice. Think of a road journey – A road which has some rough patches and a smooth patch. A sensible thing to do is to accelerate in the right direction on the smooth patch and navigate properly so that it hurts less, when in a rough patch. When you are feeling happy – you are in a better position to accelerate. Coaching will help you to accelerate in the smooth patch and help you tackle challenges when in a rough patch but if you don’t wish to travel – that choice is completely yours!

“I don’t have a goal, how will coaching benefit me?”

As long as you wish to have a goal, there are coaching benefits in store. If you don’t have a goal and you are okay with it then coaching is probably not going to help you. Coaching can help you discover your next goal/agenda/dream. Coaching will help you refine your thoughts into actionable goals and prioritize them. Many a time it’s simply getting rid of a particular challenge that opens up doors of success and fulfilment. In such cases – getting rid of that challenge becomes the goal.

“What are the benefits of life coaching?”

Coaching benefits depend on how much the coachee/client is willing to extract from the coaching session. While there is no exclusive list of benefits, my clients’ feedback helped me put together the following benefits of coaching:

  • Getting organized in thoughts and actions
  • Taking concrete actions towards their business goals
  • Handling procrastination
  • Greater clarity of goals
  • A clear action plan on how to convert business goals to reality
  • Improvement in daily productivity by sharpening focus and reducing distractions
  • Balancing out actions required to fulfil the short term and long term visions
  • Making better choices to improve physical and mental health
  • Resolving nagging issues that were stopping progress
  • A greater sense of peace, happiness, and fulfilment
  • Increased belief in themselves and their ability to achieve whatever it is that they put their mind to

Will you benefit from Life coaching?

  • Do you want to have greater greater clarity of Goals?
  • Do you wish to Equip yourself with mental tools to succeed in the competitive world?
  • Do you want to be action oriented &  Take concrete actions towards your personal & professional goals?
  • Do you want to Get rid of procrastination?
  • Do you want to Become better at decision making?
  • Do you want to Resolve nagging issues that are stopping progress?
  • Are you looking for a greater sense of peace, happiness, and fulfilment?
  • Do you wish to Be more confident and be the person you once were?
  • Are you looking for motivation, accountability, strategy & support to achieve your goals?
  • Did you answer a YES to any of the questions above? If YES, you stand to benefit from coaching.

Still, wondering if coaching is for you? Go ahead and sign up for a free introductory session to check if you can benefit from coaching. In the meanwhile, you can indulge in a LEAP test to help you identify what areas of your life could benefit from coaching.